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Banners Ads have been around for a long time and have been highly successful for national brands. However, until now they have not been available to the local merchant or business.

As more and more viewers go online to get their news, traditional means of achieving eyes on display ads have dwindled, leaving only billboards and radio as options for the local business.

Consider this from App Annie:

App Annie’s 2017 Predictions

State of the App Economy in 2017: Growth All Around

We forecast that gross mobile app spend, including app store spend and advertising spend, will hit $166 billion in 2017.

  • Gross consumer spend on mobile app stores will constitute $65 billion. Games will remain the primary driver of this revenue, but subscription revenue from dating and media streaming apps will grow faster.
  • Gross in-app advertising spend will account for $101 billion. Social media, video platforms and games will continue to receive a substantial share of this revenue. Within these categories, mobile video ad formats will experience the fastest revenue growth. In addition, brand advertising will be a strong contributor, growing to 12.5% of total mobile in-app ad spend.
  • Time spent in shopping apps was up 52% year over year on Android phones worldwide (excluding China) during the first three quarters of 2016, largely due to growth in mobile commerce. In 2017, we expect the strongest growth to come from brick-and-mortar retailers as mobile apps reinvent the in-store experience.
  • Total sessions of apps from other brick-and-mortar businesses, notably banking and quick-service restaurants, will also see an uptick in 2017 as companies learn to incorporate mobile into their operations.

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