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Mobile Advertising

A smartphone, nowadays, is a must have item for everyone on this planet and it is serving far more than a dial-in - dial-out purpose. Text messages, checking email, playing games and even shopping... you can do almost everything with your smartphone in your hand.

Statistics show consumers are now highly addicted to their mobile devices. So mobile advertising provides a huge opportunity for the local business to connect with consumers on a personal level with tailor-made banner ads that match their needs and play a great part in their "buying local" decision making. 

Reach My Local Market offers a Local Mobile Banner Ad Server to make sure the local merchants and businesses, you are working with, have good local coverage in the network of mobile apps your are creating.
pie5959% of people find mobile ads useful.
pie6565% of Cross-Device Searches start on a smartphone.

Mobile Display Advertising (Mobile Web)

Surfing the net and make purchases via mobile devices is getting more common every day. Making your businesses' banner ads appear at the right place in right time is the key of success.

Reach My Local Market’s Local Mobile Banner Ad Server displays banner ads right in the apps you build for local schools, museums, tourist attractions, municipalities, amusement parks and others. Any mobile app you build where downloads are driven by memberships or stakeholder support, can place eyes on the banner display offering of local businesses and merchants in your area.


Mobile Apps Ads (In App)

Since there are variety of free apps available for smartphone users to download, for communications, leisure & productivity enhancing purposes, smartphone users are spending more and more time playing with these apps.

Investing in in-app mobile advertising allows your local businesses and merchants to have a wider audience reach. Mobile In-App Advertising, that is to put your clients’ ads banners in mobile apps, provides companies an effective and efficient ways of reaching their targeted customers.

A Reach My Local Market branded local mobile ad server will provide mobile in-app advertising services on both the Andriod and iOs apps you build. Contact us to know more about how it works and how it could help your app business grow!

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